Universal Appeal

Fueled by Wisdom is created to have a universal appeal. That is, everyone who are interested in personal development are welcome here.

Millenials and the Younger Generations

But if I were to be specific. I want to focus on the Millenials and the younger generations.

They are the future of a nation. That is why it is very important for them to guided on the right path early on.

The Philippines

And if I were to be ultra specific with the aim of this blog, I want to help and educate the people of my country first. The Philippines. Especially the Millenials and the younger generations.

The future of our country rests upon them. I want to help them make better decisions, live a better life and be the best version of themselves.

So that they can be better nation builders, better citizens, and most important of all, better human beings.

Personal Change

But for any of this to happen. I believe that we have to start with the individual first. This what we call “getting at the root of things”. You can know more about this concept in this entry.

I believe that genuine change start on a personal level first. As Michael Jackson have said in his song Man in the Mirror:

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

He wants to make a change. But he realized that for any real change to happen. He must start from within.

“I’ve been a victim of a selfish kind of love. It’s time that I realize. That there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan. Could it be really me, pretending that they’re not alone?”

-Michael Jackson

Change Ourselves First

I hope this will not sound so negative. But it has to be uttered because it speaks the truth:

How can we even dream of massive change if we can’t even manage to change ourselves.

You have to deal with your personal issues and problems first. That way, you can dedicate yourself wholly to what you believe in. Then you can think of serving others next.

That is because you are whole. You know who you are. You know what you believe in. And you know what your purpose is.

It’s Common Sense

Logically, this makes sense. And if you really think about it, it is common sense to start with personal change first if we dream of massive change and hope to “make the world a better place.”

But as Stephen Covey have said, what is common sense is not necessarily the common practice.

Why This Blog Exists

That is one of the reasons why this blog exist. I believe that most of the things that I advocate here can really be inferred just by common sense alone. But they are not necessarily the common practice.

Partly, that is because we are human beings. We forget things. And we falter from time to time. We forget our values. And our motivation wane from time to time.

We may sincerely want to change but we find our selves creeping back to our old habits from time to time. But we should not give up. We shouldn’t let those minor slips discourage us and neglect our personal development altogether.

Don’t Give Up

We should not give up because that is natural. It’s part of the process. Real and genuine change is hard. It’s a long and arduous process. But it is definitely worth your time and effort.

All we need to do is to constantly remind ourselves of our values and deeply held beliefs. (Which must be rooted on correct principles.)

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry that is what this blog is here for. I hope to help you in your journey towards genuine personal change.


This entry is part of a series of entries about how we can cultivate good citizenship among Millenials and the younger generations. Here is a link on the second part of this series.


Okay that’s it for now, thank you for reading this entry. I hope you got something of out of it. Something valuable. Something that you can apply in your own life. If you would like to add something that you feel would be of great help to the other readers. Feel free to do so by dropping a comment down below. I and (I presume) the other readers would love to hear from you. Again, thank you for reading this entry. Cheers! Till next time!😊👋



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Song excerpt from:

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

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