Again, Welcome to Fueled by Wisdom

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu

Like what I’ve said in the Homepage of this blog, this project started as a personal development blog. But as a person with varying interests, I guess blogging about one topic alone isn’t really for me. That’s one of the reasons as to why I wasn’t able to write for a long time. I lost my motivation to write.

That’s why I’m turning this blog into a personal one. I guess my personality is better suited to this kind of blogging. I still love talking about personal development. But this time, I wouldn’t be talking about personal development alone. I will also be talking about my other interests. So if you are interested about the topics that I will be talking about, feel free to read them.😊

A Resource for Practical Knowledge

Though Fueled by Wisdom is more of a personal blog now, I still want it to be a resource for practical knowledge. I am hoping that it’s readers will get something valuable from the entries.

Knowledge that will help them gain a better understanding of themselves and of the world around them. Which in turn will help them make better decisions and live a better life. It aims to provide it’s readers with content that are introspective, pragmatic, and well-thought-out.


I often post excerpts of things created by others which includes but not limited to: books, blog posts/articles and transcripts of interviews, podcasts and documentaries. I give proper credit to where it is due. But if you, as a copyright holder, feel that I have violated or infringed on your copyright, please let me know and I will take down the link or modify the post in question.

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